Why not sing a song?

Moonlight Disco now offers Karaoke at no additional charge, we must be told beforehand though so that we can bring the right equipment.

With over 60,000 karaoke songs for you to choose from & professional audio equipment to make sure you sound your best, Moonlight Disco are the people to go to, if you're looking for Karaoke at your event.

A monitor is placed on stage so that the singer can see the lyrics while they perform on stage, but also, the lyrics are placed on the TV so that everyone else can join in (or even just see if they have been singing the right words all along!)

The microphones are wireless, so you can walk around & sing if your one of those people who can't stay still or it could just be for comfort, so that the wire doesn't get in your way.

Give Moonlight Disco a ring today on 01229431936, or check availability through our website.