Music Videos

Instead of just the song, why not have the Music Video as well!

In 2014, we started experimenting with Music Videos as we were looking to add to the list of reasons for customers to choose Moonlight Disco.

The feedback from testing our Music Videos was a big success, with great comments flying in from customers about how guests were enjoying the music videos to watch, while they were having a rest from being on the dance floor!

We now try to offer the Music Video service to as many discos we do as possible, included as standard with the price.

The Music Videos have been specially edited by Moonlight Disco to avoid any gaps or breaks in the music, meaning that you hear the original song, while getting to experience the music video.

We currently have a wide selection of Music Videos, not many videos at the minute, but we are constantly adding more videos, recent videos and also videos from years ago!

The videos are displayed on a 32" TV displayed at the front of the disco. Whenever we don't have a Music Video, we will either play a standard Moonlight Disco ident, or you can send us pictures beforehand, and have them placed on the big screen!

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